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JRS Technology Ltd., Co.
We are always ready at your service!
JRS Technology Ltd., Co. is a high-tech enterprises specializing in the professional, green energy-saving, high-end LED lighting products and lighting fixtures on aspects of R & D, Such as led lighting , LED Flashlight & Headlamp, led tube, led spotlight, led panel, and etc Currently we have nearly a hundred of technology patent items. There are more than 70 kinds of self-developed patented high-power LED lighting products with CE, RoHS, CCC approval. Therefore, our products are exported over 20 countries and areas, such as Europe, North America, Australia, Middle East, South America, and etc... Due to many years of operation, we have the reason to fully believe that the quality, price and distribution services are the advantages of our company. We always focus on the improvement of product quality and strictly control the quality (rejection rate is below 1%) at different stages such as the production and distribution and try to reduce the costs of production and logistics. Besides, the sales and distribution centers covering the major markets in the world also significantly speeds up the limitation of transportation of goods. If you are the new customers, at the beginning you may choose to order small quantity of samples. And we will deliver to you through the distribution center which is the nearest to you. If you are the old customers, we will continue and expand our long-term cooperation relationship by virtue of our continuous advantages. We hope to convert our advantages in the aspect of product, price and services into your advantages to help us build a long-term cooperation relationship.
JRS-TECH can be your partner for OEM and ODM orders.

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